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About FG Medic Experts

All healthcare organisations strive to provide the best care to their patients by hiring the best medical professionals. Finding a candidate that is qualified and committed to their profession is of utmost importance. Our mission is to create a culture in the healthcare industry that will bring value to a healthcare organisation and help the recruited professional advance in their career as well.
Leaning on a strong backbone of our expertise in the industry and trust of our clients in us, we wanted to do more in the healthcare sector with the onset of the pandemic. Thus, we launched a division - FG Medic Experts - that specifically caters to the medical sector’s job requirements.

Know About Healthcare Process

Our Healthcare Recruitment

We make sure that the overall recruitment process functions smoothly and appropriately. This, in turn, ensures that the communication is transparent and easily conveyed to the client as well as healthcare professionals.

Our Recruitment Process


Briefing from the client

Obtaining the human resource requirement from the international client

Defining and verifying work employment terms, salary and other benefits

Finalising recruitment terms, fees and Finalising the recruitment process agreement and sealing it with a signature

Obtaining the power of attorney, demand letter and other relevant documents from the client to start the process


Initiating the recruitment process

Finalising the recruitment process and locking in the locations for conducting the interviews

Exploring the candidate database for job appropriate CVs

Screening the candidates and lining up an exhaustive list as per client specifications and getting them ready for the interviews

Guiding them to get their assessment in terms of prometric, data flow, IELTS,OET, etc. as per the client requirements


Interviewing potential healthcare
professionals for the jobs

Commencing the interview process by the client, via video conferencing or face-to-face

Conducting practical trade testing, if and when required

Locking in the final healthcare professional contract with signatures- Conducting practical trade testing, if and when required

Locking in the final healthcare professional contract with signatures


Post-selection process

Ensuring selected healthcare professionals undergo medical examination

Ensuring selected healthcare professionals undergo medical examination flow and error free visa processing

Obtaining all pertinent documents for error free visa processing, Completing all insurance and immigration related formalities

Making the necessary travel arrangements with respect to ticketing

Prometric tests may also be taken as and when needed to set high standards for post-graduate medical education of healthcare professionals that helps them to acquire their professional license and to practice in the Emirate of Qatar, Saudi and Oman

Our Services

Our e-portal is a comprehensive tool for hiring the best human resource talent across the medical sector. We provide job opportunities for medical and paramedical staff in categories such as follows, but not limited to:

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
General surgery
Internal medicine
Emergency medicine
Nurses of different grades, who specialise in midwifery, critical care, paediatrics, and neonatal